Therapy Session

Rewire brain circuited and responses to anxiety.

No matter how much your brain is spinning, no matter what is going on in the world or in your life, I can teach you the tools to feel tranquil, grounded and calm.

  • Anxiety is a body reaction related to our amygdala. 

  • Stop living with fear about the future. Anxiety happens when we worry about the future. 

  • You can be present and feel grounded if you trust that you are going to be ok, even though this kind of  optimism feels foreign right now.

  • Relationship between stress and anxiety

  • the two main ingredients of anxiety are shame and toxic guilt

  • How can I stop the worry thoughts before they trigger anxiety?

  • How to get motivated when you don't don't want to get up from bed.

  • The 15 cognitive distortions. 

  • Emptiness, sadness and isolation.

Therapy Session

Discovering my Emotional Intelligence 

Nowadays having Emotional Intelligence is a more powerful skill than having a high IQ

  • Two sides of emotional intelligence: internal and external emotional intelligence.

  • Five components of Emotional Intelligence.

  1.  Self-awareness

  2. Self-regulation

  3. Self-motivation

  4. Ability to recognize other people's emotions.

  5. Social skills

  • What benefit I get from learning emotional intelligence?

  • How learning EI will help me in my everyday life?

  • Self compassion and self-forgiveness, two important emotional skills.

  • Mindfullness 

  • Effectively managing emotions.

  • Answering the emotional intelligence assessment to measure the before and after of the course. 

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