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“Love is protecting the other from my capacity to destroy him/her/them and therefore to destroy myself. Because if I destroy who I love the most,  what kind of human being I become? ”

Martha Isabel

Through our one-to one counseling sessions we will go deep and figure out what is off, what is getting in your way, and what is preventing you from feeling well within yourself and within your most important relationships.

I am focused on anxiety, behavioural issues, career guidance, chronic illness, chronic impulsivity, chronic relapse, codependency (toxic relationships), coping skills, depression, divorce, drug abuse, emotional disturbance, family disturbance, grief, personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive (OCD), obesity, peer relationship, racial identity, self esteem, stress, gender identity, gender diversity, weight loss and women issues.

That experience, combined with academic knowledge and real life lessons, enables me to have true understanding, insight and compassion for how you live, cope and feel within your life experience.


I love being a counsellor and helping people with issues and problems in their lives. Each person is unique and I have several techniques and methods to help you.

I am dedicated to give you a personal, comfortable, emotionally safe place where you will feel genuinely cared for and helped.

You will not feel rushed, nor will you feel that it's moving too slow and taking too long. Our time together will be 100% about your healing in a way that best suits you.

I work with clients from every walk of life who need support for a wide range of issues and challenges. I work with individuals facing anxiety, stress, depression, tough life choices, addictions, and many other issues.


I work with couples to overcome conflict and strengthen their relationship, and I can help with post-divorce parenting challenges.


With thirty years of experience as a Registered Professional Counsellor, I bring practical, compassionate wisdom, and a sense of humor to my work.

I studied and after directing the specialty in Codependency (same as toxic relationships) addictions and eating disorders. I wrote my master's degree thesis about toxic relationships and then, a book, published by Pinguin Random House, on this important subject. 


I am trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence,  DBT having studied with Marsha Linehan, 12 Steps among others. I love working with couples, I use an Attachment focus in both individual and couples work. Moreover, I studied family/couples training at the Gottman Institute in Seattle.


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